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The UOC's learning model is aimed at fostering constant improvement of the student's skills through individual work, collective knowledge building and mentoring by the teaching staff. Assessment has been devised as a mechanism for learning and providing feedback on the learning process. It is therefore continuous and informative, and provides constructive feedback to ensure continual improvement in the learning process.

The UOC assessment process
The UOC's assessment model fosters the attainment of learning objectives and skill development. The assessment system for each course is established every semester in the corresponding course plan.
What does continuous assessment consist of?

Continuous assessment requires taking and passing continuous assessment tests. In order to ensure that the continuous assessment process has been followed, the student must have completed and submitted the number of continuous assessment tests indicated in the course plan.

  • You will find the continuous assessment tests posted in each course's classroom at the beginning of each semester. All you have to do is consult the texts to find out what you have to do.
  • You must submit them in the classroom's Assessment section on the dates marked on the calendar.
  • Although each continuous assessment test is given a mark, you will also receive a continuous assessment final mark at the end of semester.
Are there final exams?

There is not a uniform assessment model that is applied to all courses. There are courses that can only be passed by continuous assessment and others where continuous assessment is complemented by a final assessment test result.

Generally speaking, we can differentiate between the following three assessment models:

Assessment models

What do the final exams consist of?

There are three types of final assessment tests:

  • The cumulative or validation tests complement the continuous assessment mark.
  • The exam assesses 100% of the course. It is the option you will have to take if you decide not to follow the continuous assessment process or do not pass it.

More information about the assessment system at Procedures / Assessment / Assessment system.

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