Disability services

Disability services

The UOC's mission is to provide lifelong learning to everyone who wishes it. Accordingly, it has implemented measures to facilitate access to the University for disabled people. The educational model achieves very high levels of equal opportunity in access to education, which are supplemented with the necessary measures to cater for the needs of students with disabilities.

What solutions does the UOC offer to facilitate accessibility?

The main focus areas for accessibility are:

  • Virtual Campus and classrooms: the UOC strives to ensure that the Virtual Campus and the classrooms comply with International Accessibility Standards, enabling people with disabilities or learning disorders to make adequate use of the website content.
  • UOC learning resources in the courses: their goal is to enable the student to learn, irrespective of his or her personal features, location or device used.
  • On-site assessment tests: the student may request whatever type of adaptation he or she may require in order to perform the assessment, in aspects related with accessibility of the buildings where the tests are carried out, the tests' texts or the option of taking the tests virtually. 
  • Curricular Adaptation Committee: this Committee assesses the student's significant curricular adaptation needs so that it can make changes to a given course's programme of studies or learning methodology.
  • Internships and career guidance: covenants with entities such as the Fundacin Prevent, Fundacin Universia or FSC Inserta to provide guidance and facilitate the occupational integration of students with disabilities.

The UOC also has an agreement with the Fundacin Universia to enable students with a level of disability equal to or greater than 33% to access this foundation's bank of technology products. If you are already enrolled, you can use the form below to request technological products on loan during the academic year.

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