Welcome from the President

Josep A. Planell

I would like to welcome you to the new academic year 2017-2018 and thank you for having chosen us to accompany you at such a crucial time in your lives. The UOC puts more than 20 years of experience at your service and, above all, a proven educational model based on teacher mentoring that can adapt to your personal needs and expectations and the demands and transformations of our society, our companies and our institutions.

As you know, education is not confined to a specific stage of our lives and neither is learning passive and one-way. Today, educating oneself implies acquiring skills, knowledge and competencies within a context of sharing, cooperation and networking. Today, as Andreas Schelicher, the OECD's Director for Education, reminds us, "Modern education is about enabling professional autonomy within a collaborative culture". This has been and still is our model today.

Since 1995, we have worked to make it easier to access, exchange, connect with and generate knowledge. We are an inclusive, accessible university that fosters equal opportunity. Our almost 60,000 graduates in more than 100 countries are living proof of this. They have become our best opinion leaders; 92% say that we would be their first choice to continue studying and/or upgrading their knowledge. To consolidate this feeling of belonging and community, we intend to increase the role of UOC Alumni, making it a meeting point for professionals as well as a network for sharing common ground, referrals and mentoring.

You are about to start or continue on a path full of challenges and opportunities: the path of knowledge. But you won't be alone. At every turn along the way, our faculty will provide academic guidance, with the expert assistance of our administrative staff and the warm support of the other students in the classroom. In the learning process, the Virtual Campus is your ally, a global, intercultural space where you can interact and exchange experiences, answers and – most importantly – questions. The UOC's educational model, technological platform and the UOC community as a whole share a common goal: activate your potential and prepare you for tomorrow's world.


Josep A. Planell
President of the UOC

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