The network of UOC centres comprises 12 centres and more than 50 UOC points that offer advice and help with academic issues. The network also includes the institutional centres where the University's teaching, research and administrative staff work.

What is the UOC network of centres?

The network's mission is to offer services to the UOC community and strengthen institutional relations with organizations and the local community. In addition, it fosters activities in the UOC's fields of expertise and supports cooperative actions aimed at promoting participation by the university community's members. It comprises the UOC centres and points.

What are the UOC centres?
The UOC centres belong to the University and offer specific services for students. You can do the following things at the UOC centres:
  • Find information and receive advice on the UOC's educational model and the courses on offer.
  • Get answers to your questions on admission to the University and academic issues.
  • Hand in supporting documents for procedures.
  • Collect your official certificate.
  • Pick up and return items on loan from the Library.
  • Meet other students and alumni: the UOC centres have rooms for meetings and study, and computer equipment.
  • Attend academic and institutional events, practical workshops, information sessions or welcome days for new students. You can consult the scheduled events here or follow the Twitter accounts for the different centres.

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What are the UOC points?

The UOC points, which are to be found in organizations that collaborate with the UOC, let the University create closer ties with students and provide certain services in their area. You can do the following things at the UOC points:

  • Return items on loan from the Library.    
  • Use the computer equipment and the rooms for meetings and study.
  • Find information on the courses offered by the UOC.

Remember that to submit academic documents, you need to go to one of the UOC centres.

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Institutional offices

The institutional centres are where the University's teaching, research and administrative staff work. These offices do not provide services to students.

The UOC around the world

The UOC is constantly working to extend its global reach and its social impact through teaching and research. We train men and women, professionals and citizens, to understand an increasingly interconnected world. To do so, we work with universities and institutions around the world to offer academic materials able to answer global challenges, promote and support research and research groups with international funding and ensure that our students share classrooms with classmates and teaching staff from diverse backgrounds.

We work with leading international bodies and networks to raise awareness of our experience and knowledge of e-learning and to spread e-learning models to new settings.
To respond to the needs of our international students, the UOC has a centre in Mexico and plans to open another one in Bogot during 2017.

UOC students around the world

UOC students around the world


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