Who we are

The UOC is an innovative university that is rooted in Catalonia and open to the world. It offers people lifelong learning to help them, and society, advance, while carrying out research into the knowledge society. Its educational model is based on personalization and student mentoring via e-learning.

Some people see things before anyone else...
"There'll come a day when teachers will be able to adapt subjects to each student's skills" (Isaac Asimov, 1988)

In 1988, it was just a dream. Since 1995, it has been a reality...
When did the UOC come to be?

The UOC was born in 1995, before the popularization of Internet: it was the world's first online university, conceived entirely on Internet and with 206 students. Today, more than 20 years later, it has 58,792 graduates, 54,022 students and 3,692 teachers.

It was an initiative of the Government of Catalonia to provide access to lifelong learning through the use of information technologies and an educational model based on personalization.

Is it a public or private university?

It is a university that provides a public service but is organized in accordance with the principles of private management. It forms part of the Catalan and Spanish public university system. The qualifications it offers are official and endorsed by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya) and the Spanish Quality Assessment and Accreditation Agency (ANECA), which assure academic rigour and compliance with the standards required by the European university system.

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What are the UOC's values?

The five values that govern the UOC in its work are:

  • Commitment: to its students, its graduates and society in general; to the quality of its services and innovation as one of the organization's constants.
  • Respect: For people, ideas, cultures and the world.
  • Transparency: In information, data and processes.
  • Professionalism: Empowering the people who belong to the organization; acknowledging successes and learning from mistakes.
  • Sustainability: Ensuring the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the activities undertaken by our organization.

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Reinventing the university

Higher education cannot be a mechanical procedure that concludes with an official diploma; it must contribute to the development of individuals, companies, institutions and society in general. Education must be provided in the skills and knowledge that enable value to be contributed to society. The UOC has been reinventing the university since 1995, when it was created as the world's first online university.

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UOC students around the world


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