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The UOC addresses people's different learning needs during their lives with an extensive course offering that is being continuously updated and expanded to include new fields of knowledge. The UOC's current course offering is divided into bachelor's degrees, official master's degrees and doctoral programmes; and UOC-certified master's degrees, postgraduate courses and specializations; seminars and courses; and language training.

Bachelor's degrees

The UOC's bachelor's degree courses provide top-level tuition and academic rigour, with the goal of giving the student a general education aimed at preparing him or her for professional practice.

With a study load of 240 ECTS credits and a duration of 8 semesters, the UOC's bachelor's degree courses offer you a flexible university education with a strong career focus. The programme of studies contains a minimum of 60 basic training ECTS credits of which at least 36 are linked to subjects in the branch of knowledge under which the degree falls.

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Official master's degrees

The university master's degree courses are officially recognized qualifications open to students with a bachelor's degree who want advanced training specialized in a given field.

The university master's degrees have a two-fold focus: focused on academic or professional specialization, or on supporting initiation in research work. They have a minimum duration worth 60 ECTS credits that you can do at your own pace.

See the UOC's offering of master's degrees and their career opportunities

Doctoral degree programmes

The doctoral programmes are aimed at stimulating research in academic, scientific and business fields through the acquisition of skills required to obtain the doctoral degree, the highest level of study that the University can confer.

At present, the UOC offers three online doctoral degrees, consolidating its leadership as a pioneering institution within Europe and an international reference in e-learning:

UOC-certified master's degrees, postgraduate courses and specializations

With a wealth of experience in online postgraduate education and a consolidated community of graduates, the UOC offers a broad range of certified courses in different areas of interest, aimed at acquiring new professional skills.

The UOC offers pathways in more than 30 different programmes, consisting of master's degrees, postgraduate diplomas, specializations or courses in thirteen fields of interest.

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Seminars and courses

The UOC's seminars and courses have been created to fulfil the UOC's mission to provide lifelong learning, without any requirement for previous qualifications. Their goal is to update and upgrade knowledge and create links with issues of current interest.

The seminars and courses have a duration of 4 weeks. They can have a study load of 25 hours – up to 50 hours in the case of intensive courses – and may include courses from any of the University's areas of study.

Furthermore, through the University @thenaeum, the UOC offers any citizen the opportunity to follow the university courses that interest him or her most, together with the UOC's other university students and in the same classrooms, but without being conditioned by prior academic background.

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Language courses

The Centre for Modern Languages teaches the foreign language subjects included in the programmes of studies of the UOC's official degree courses. It is open to the non-university public who, by this means, have access to quality training in different languages and levels.

The Centre for Modern Languages is part of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and its goal is to satisfy the needs of a society that is witnessing growth in university mobility, the global exchange of goods and services and intercultural contacts.

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