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Josep Laporte i Salas

Born in Reus (Baix Camp) on March 18, 1922. Married, with five children and thirteen grandchildren. Lives in Barcelona.

Studied a degree in Medicine at the University of Barcelona (1939-45), where he received a doctor's degree and was a teacher of Pharmacology until 1967. Meanwhile, he completed his training in the Department of Pharmacology in Oxford (1962) and the Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri, in Milan (1966). In 1967 he successfully competed for the Chair of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine in Cadiz, which he occupied for two years. He then occupied the same chair in Valencia and later that of Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology at the faculty of Medicine of the Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona, the university at which he was elected rector in April 1976.

As a pharmacologist, he has been a member of several scientific societies and a member of the publishing committees of several specialised national and international magazines. Between 1949 and 1980, he published some 300 books, the fruits of collaborations in general works and several scientific magazines on a wide variety of subjects, but most especially related to the pharmacology of the vegetative nervous system, the thyroidal hormonal system, the effects of drugs and the unwanted side-effects of medicines. In 1978, he was elected a permanent member of the Reial Acadmia de Medicina de Catalunya, of which he has been president (1993-2002). In 1978 he was elected an associate member and in 1980 a permanent member of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Section of Biological Science), an institution he has presided since 2002.

He has also been president of the Acadmia de Cincies Mdiques de Catalunya i Balears (1970-74), from where he promoted the publication of a medical vocabulary in Catalan.

Without belonging to any political body, towards the end of the Franco dictatorship he participated in several public movements, and attended the meeting of the Catalan Assembly in 1971. In February 1980, he declined the offer to become rector of the UAB so as to be able to stand for election to the Catalan Parliament, which he did as an independent candidate on the lists of the Convergncia i Uni coalition. He was elected to parliament, and in forming his government, president Jordi Pujol appointed him Councillor for Health and Social Security. He was re-elected to parliament in 1984, and for the second period of office he maintained the same position. His work in charge of the Department of Health basically consisted of introducing multiple measures for the promotion of health and the reform of networks for first aid, and most especially hospital care, with the creation of the Institut Catal de la Salut and the construction or reform of numerous health care centres.

In the 1988 Catalan parliamentary elections, he stood as the main CIU candidate for the constituency of Tarragona, and in the new government formed in July of that year, he was appointed Councillor for Education, whilst also being appointed president of the Comissi Interdepartamental de Recerca i Innovaci Tecnolgica (CIRIT - Interdepartmental Commission for Technological Innovation). Along with his insistence on the linguistic normalisation of the education system, he also took an interest in the improvement of professional training studies, aiming to significantly increase the range of higher studies on offer through the creation of new universities and the promotion of research by means of the formulation of the 1992-96 Research Plan. When, in December 1992, he stood down as councillor, he was named Commissioner for Universities and Research, and continued in that role until February 1995.

He has been president of the Government Junta of the Management Foundation and a member of the Highly Illustrious Administration of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (1995-2002).

He is currently president of the Fortuny Theatre Foundation in Reus, a member of the General Conference of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia and, as stated earlier, is president of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans.

Josep Laporte at an event, accompanied by president Terradellas

Dr. Laporte at an event in Reus, in the year 1983

In May 1980, Dr. Laporte signs the transfer of Health responsibilities of the central Government to the Generalitat de Catalunya

In the first government of the Generalitat, president Jordi Pujol appoints Dr. Josep Laporte councillor of Health and Social Security

Mr. Josep Laporte, commissioner for Universities and Research, accompanied by two expresidents of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans

In the year 1989, Dr. Laporte awarded Dr. Ferrat, then Professor of Automatic Control at the UPC, the Narcs Monturiol Medal of the Generalitat de Catalunya to scientific and technological merit

Mr and Mrs Laporte and five of their thirteen grandchildren, in Summer 2002

Mr and Mrs Laporte's five sons, in Summer 1996

Awards and Honours

Massot i Palms Award. Institut d'Estudis Catalans, 1953.

Grant for Studies in Espanya. Fundacin Juan March, 1956.

Extraordinary Doctorate Award. University of Barcelona, 1957.

Maran Award. Academia Mdico-quirrgica de Madrid, 1957.

Scholarship for studies abroad. Ministerio de Educacin y Ciencia, 1963.

Annals Award for Medicine and Surgery. Reial Acadmia de Medicina, 1966.

Grant from the Italian Government, 1966.

Extraordinary aid. Fundacin Juan March, 1974.

Gold medal of the Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona, 1981.

Illustrious Aranese. Consell de la Vall d'Aran, 1987.

Illustrious Son of Reus. Reus Town Council, 1988.

Silver Medal of the Fondation du Mrite Europen, 1988.

Gold Seal. Ribera d'Ebre County Council, 1990.

Gold Medal of the Fondation du Mrite Europen, 1991.

Award from the Associaci Catalana d'Infermeria, 1991.

Corresponding member of the Academia Nacional de Medicina of Mexico, 1993

Commandeur de l'ordre de les Palmes Acadmiques. French Government, 1995.

Testimonial offered by the Catalan universities. Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona, June 1995.

Jordi Gol Award. Acadmia de Cincies Mediques de Catalunya i Balears, 1995.

Honourable member of the Centre de Lectura in Reus, 1996.

"The greatest friend of Reus". Amics de Reus, 1996.

The Sant Jordi Cross. Generalitat de Catalunya, 1996.

Jaume I Award of Honour. Fundaci Jaume I, 1996.

1996 Award of Honour of the Fundaci Salut, Empresa i Economia. Barcelona, February 1997.

Homenot de la Sanitat. Fundaci Avedis Donabedian. Barcelona, 1998.

President of the 3rd National Congress on Elderly People. Barcelona, 1998.

Medal of the 700th anniversary of the University of Lleida. Lleida, 1999.

Institutional Badge of the University of Vic. Vic, 1999.