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OneZero Community V.UOC

OneZero Community V.UOC is a digital art creation prepared for the investiture of Dr. Josep Laporte i Salas as a doctor honoris causa by the Open University of Catalonia.

Since its beginnings, the UOC has opted to work using a telematic network. It is the first university to depend entirely on such a system, and is therefore a global pioneer of this modality of university education. The UOC Virtual Community is an instrument that can overcome the barriers of time and space when they become obstacles to student training. Moreover, this system makes it possible for students to receive totally customised and continuous attention.

The UOC project is now a reality that has surpassed expectations. The thousands of students, teachers, management personnel and people that use the Virtual Community every day are a reflection of the correctness of the institutions and people who, like Dr. Josep Laporte, believed, 8 years ago, in rector Gabriel Ferrat's plans.

In honour of that and Dr. Laporte, OneZero Community V.UOC would like to show the real time activity of the Virtual Community. On a blue background, a community of binary digits lives together day by day. The "ones" represent the people that are connected at a given time to the Community and the "zeros" represent those that are not. This work is in constant transformation, just like the community it represents. This is a silent, peaceful transformation that cannot be stopped. Without realising it, we see how its global appearance changes: where there was once a set of ones, there is now a set of zeros and vice versa.

Link to "OneZero Community V: UOC"
(This link will only be accessible after March 3, 2003)

OneZero Community V.UOC can visualise what is invisible, which does not mean that things do not exist. The UOC Community makes what is immaterial and intangible into something material and tangible. A community that is visualised in binary code, a binomial of ones and zeros, which is the basis of information technology. This is also a metaphor for the origins of the UOC, because that university became a reality thanks to the bases that were established by a binomial called Laporte-Ferrat.

OneZero Community V.UOC was created by Net.Art, by the artist Albert Vergs, a UOC graduate in Business Sciences and a member of the pilot group. In other words, one of the students that started his studies in the first semester of operation of the UOC is now able to visualise the UOC Community.

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