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The constant renewal: challenge of present and future times

Josep Vilarasau

Josep Vilarasau
Chair, UOC Advisory Board

Without doubt, the most important challenge for universities in general is to adapt research and teaching to the increasingly rapidly changing needs of a globalised world.

The UOC fosters student learning by providing the highest levels of quality alongside the highest levels of flexibility, whether in terms of teaching or research.

Its 120 officially recognised courses provide students with the best contents for each credit and virtual contact with the right specialists – carefully selected faculty who are always available. The University has 360 lecturers and over 3,000 subject tutors.

The UOC has adapted its teaching and research activities to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and collaborates with other teaching centres and the business sector – as seen in the agreements reached with over 130 companies and institutions around the world.

This has led to the UOC's adopting an open-access policy and actively working alongside other universities and bodies. Its mission is to use technology for learning and connecting people, wherever they might be, and to foster collaborative learning.

As a result, the UOC actively looks to constantly update and collaborate with others as it faces up to the challenges of the future.


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