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The UOC forges ties with institutions and companies to accumulate expertise for projects that provide mutual benefits and boost competitiveness.

Associated Companies


Integrated information system

In keeping with the UOC's cross-cutting philosophy, Institutional Relations designed an integrated information system that provides a single map of all the links between the university and the companies and institutions connected to its various departments. The system will pave the way for excellence in the communication, activity and services in which the UOC engages with these companies and institutions.

A business network for the Web 2.0 era

With the aim of fostering smoother, more participative communication among member organisations, the UOC introduced the Web 2.0 culture to its network of associate companies. The first step taken under the new strategy was to invite Isaac Mao, an expert in online cooperation, to the Annual Associate Companies Meeting. A Twitter account (@UOCEmpresa) was set up and a hashtag (#UOCimao) designated for the purpose of the talk he gave, which was streamed live.

New website

A new associate companies section has been added on the UOC's portal. The new site has been updated with the activity generated by the university's network of associate companies and the contents re-organised. Likewise, Twitter has been used as a system for more immediate communication. Link


A relationship involving over 15 years' experience.

A network of over 200 associate institutions and companies.

A symbiosis geared to innovation, training and spreading knowledge.