Annual Report 2011-2012


Investments in 2011 were down 26.86% from 2010.

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Financial statements

Shown below are the 2011 financial statements for the Fundació per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Foundation for the Open University of Catalonia, FUOC).

«A very solid and very global university»

Dr. Òscar Aguer UOC General Manager
  • «The first goal is to ensure economic sustainability. The second goal is to improve student services. The third goal is to ensure we have the right technology, and the fourth is to internationalize.»
  • «Internationalization is achieved in three ways: through institutional partnerships, by targeting markets, and by promoting the International Graduate Institute.»

The firm Deloitte audited the 2011 financial statements and expressed a positive opinion.

The financial statements were submitted to and approved by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees at its meeting on 5 September 2012.

The most important aspects of the financial analysis were as follows:

  • The annual financial statements were prepared pursuant to the new chart of accounts applicable to foundations and associations subject to Catalan law, specifically, to Decree 259/2008 of 23 December.
  • The regular budget for 2011 was 2.91% greater than in the previous financial year.
  • The information from the statement of revenue and expenses and on new investments for 2011 is broken down into the three main lines of activity carried out by the FUOC: teaching (UOC), research projects (IN3), and customized training for companies and NGOs (Projects).
  • The investments for the year totalled €8,056,531.61, down 26.86% from the previous year. This decrease can largely be explained by the investments made through charges to the income from the sale of the company Gestión del Conocimiento, S.A., for the sum of €1,115,621.53.

    The table below shows the most important items and the share they represent of the total investments for the year:

    2011 2010
    Intangible fixed assets 82,53% 64,80%
    Computer software 32,29% 24,30%
    Learning modules 46,74% 36,33%
    Tangible fixed assets 17,47% 35,20%
    Buildings and plants 2,63% 12,39%
    Data-processing equipment 11,13% 8,05%
  • The cash flow generated in 2011 came to €840,272.49.