Annual Report 2011-2012


142 research projects
124 articles in scientific journals
25 books
156 book chapters
256 contributions to conferences
41 research groups
11 doctoral theses
28 doctoral fellows


Research and innovation

The University’s research, transfer and innovation activities are divided between more than 30 research groups, which are attached to the different departments and knowledge areas and to the University’s two research centres: the eLearn Center and the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute.

«This year, we implemented the strategic research and innovation plans and consolidated the doctoral programmes.»

Dra. Teresa Sancho Vice President, Innovation and Research

Our objectives for the 2011/2012 academic year were fourfold:

  • Ensure that the research centres’ master plans were consistent with the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan approved by the Governing Council and consolidate the doctoral programmes accordingly.
  • Improve the service offered by the Research and Transfer Support Office and Virtual Library with regard to managing researchers’ research activity.
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with external agents, whether at institutions, in the government or from other universities, in order to promote partnerships and contacts primarily for research.
  • Implement the Master Plan for Innovation.