Annual Report 2011-2012


In the 2011/2012 academic year, the UOC had 60,096 students, 6,547 of whom graduated.

The @uocestudiant and @uocestudiante Twitter accounts have a total of 6,478 followers.

The "Questions and Answers" forum had 12,754 users and hosted 1,401 threads.

The University’s job board included 360 job offers and 345 internship opportunities for students and alumni.

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Students and alumni

The UOC strives to assist and serve both current students and alumni seeking to stay connected and remain part of the UOC network after graduation.

UOC Student Services figures from the first semester of the 2011/2012 academic year (in Catalan)


UOC Student Services figures from the first semester of the 2011/2012 academic year (in Spanish)


Testimonials from UOC graduates


Recognition of professional experience

A pilot programme to recognize professional experience was implemented during the first semester of the academic, affecting 30 students and 5 counsellors.

The accredited recognition of relevant professional experience allowed participants to earn credit for work placements and other subjects related to work experience.

Questions and Answers: a new student-led forum

The Q&A forum allows students to post questions for the entire student community and to choose the most helpful answer from amongst the answers received. The aim of the forum is to gradually build a shared and self-managed knowledge database.

Twitter, another service channel

The @estudiant and @estudiante Twitter accounts, launched in March 2011, were used to answer 7,085 queries and have more than 6,400 followers. These figures are testament to the fact that Twitter has become another routine service channel and reaffirm the UOC’s decision to adapt its student services to students’ needs and social media.

Student Services: response times

In keeping with the UOC’s transparency policies, the Student Services department publishes the figures on the use and quality of the service on the Virtual Campus, including data on the number of queries received, response times, and satisfaction survey scores.

News, how and when students need it

Beginning in the 2011/2012 academic year, members of the UOC community have access to a more mobile, accessible and customizable news service.

Among the many improvements, attention should be called to the Readspeaker app, the creation of an archive and search engine, and the new newsletter, as well as the RSS subscription option and the options to share information on the most popular social media sites.

Redesign of the Virtual Campus’s Community and Services areas

The two areas were redesigned to bring them into line with the rest of the University’s Campus 5.0. Additionally, the sections were rearranged into blocks, and the information was reorganized to make it more intuitive and easier to find.

First call for Erasmus grants

Over the 2011/2012 academic year, the UOC launched several international mobility programmes. The first semester saw the first call for student mobility grants under the Erasmus programme and different specific agreements with other universities.

Work placements

The UOC created different working groups to improve work placement management. Organizational improvements were made with regard to the offer and management thereof.

This academic year, the UOC is collaborating with more than 1,100 companies and organizations, which offer work placements to nearly one thousand students.

Job Board

January 2012 saw the launch of the University’s Job Board, a website for students and alumni to search for job opportunities and curricular and extra-curricular work placements, as well as to seek guidance for their job searches.


Over the second semester of the 2011/2012 academic year, department, centre and campus committees were elected, and students were able to choose their representatives for the 2012-2014 period.

Student Council

In the 2011/2012 academic year, the UOC created the Student Council, a representative, deliberative, consultative and advisory body made up of UOC students. The Student Council is made up of student representatives from each area or grouping of studies in the Campus Committee.


UOC Alumni

Since 2012, the alumni community has begun to organize itself as a community that works with the University to build itself up and grow based on its members’ interests, needs, experiences and contributions.

On 7 March 2012, the UOC’s Executive Management Council approved the new approach to the alumni community. On 11 June, the Council approved the representative bodies, and the Alumni Council was set up.

2012 Annual Alumni Conference

The alumni community meeting was held on 26 April in Barcelona and on 12 May in Madrid.

The UOC and the High-Performance Centre (CAR)

On 26 April 2012, the UOC signed a partnership agreement with the CAR to launch, in June 2012, a support programme for elite athletes. The agreement defined the role and tasks of that UOC counsellors would play.

Collaboration with UNISUL (Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina)

The UOC administered 12 exams for the Brazilian university and compiled a list of incidents and proposed improvements.

UOC Maps project

The first stage of the UOC Maps project was carried out. The project aims to make it possible to search for alumni and other UOC community members around the world.