Annual Report 2011-2012


Organization of more than 180 activities at the regional centres.

19 new agreements and more than 130 ongoing ones.

45 international visits.

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The year at a glance

Selection of the main events and news in research, teaching, academic life, students and alumni, innovation and open dissemination of knowledge.

Guy Haug, president del Consell Assessor de l’Institut Internacional de Postgrau de la UOC

Academic life

September 2011

Live-tweeting and video-streaming of the inaugural lecture
Guy Haug, president of the Advisory Council of the UOC’s International Postgraduate Institute and European expert in university assessment and development and higher education systems, gives the inaugural lecture "The European Higher Education Area: Key to Employability and International Cooperation".

Nearly 44,000 students enrol at the UOC for the academic year 2011/2012.