Annual Report 2011-2012


280 Associate Companies.

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The UOC and business

The UOC forges partnerships with institutions and companies to pool expertise and carry out mutually beneficial projects that increase competitiveness.

Over the 2011/2012 academic year, both the associate business network and the number of educational, innovation and research projects grew.

One step closer to becoming a social organization

Over the 2011/2012 academic year, the UOC fully embraced the use of Web 2.0 communication channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn for its activities with the Associate Companies network. These channels are used by experts to share experience and knowledge.

To provide additional insight into such organizational cultures, the international expert Mark P. McDonald was invited to speak at the Annual Associate Companies Meeting. He highlighted the experiences of companies and organizations that have used these new communication systems to revolutionize their work processes and methods.

A cross-cutting approach

Over the academic year, the Economics and Business Studies Department collaborated with different companies to implement work placements for its bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, define different processes, and generate interest in new members of the Associate Companies network. By the end of the academic year, the UOC had 280 associate institutions and companies.

UOC Alumni and the regional network led the efforts to attract the most prominent institutions and companies in the region, and the UOC helped to organize activities to disseminate knowledge in the business world.

To ensure consistency and align the processes used in all university-company activities carried out at the UOC, the University also created the UOC Business Council and designed a commercial plan to capture clients.

Supporting businesses

More than 1,100 professionals participate in different UOC programmes through their companies and organizations. To this end, the UOC offers 34 customized training programmes to 18 companies and organizations. Of particular note in the 2011/2012 academic year were the seminars held with the Barcelona Bar Association, the specific programme for UPN Mexico, the specific programme for Telmex, and the programme with the law firm Roca Junyent.