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Vol 4, No 2 (2013)

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Sovereignty Conflicts PDF (Català) PDF PDF (Español) PDF (Français) epub (Català) epub epub (Español) epub (Français)
Eduard Vinyamata


Legalizing secession: the Catalan case PDF epub
Lluís Pérez Lozano, Marc Sanjaume Calvet
The Fractured Island: Divided Sovereignty, Identity and Politics in Ireland PDF epub
Alan Bruce
The Sovereignty over Jerusalem PDF epub
Hani Albasoos
Migingo Island: Kenya or Uganda Territory? PDF epub
Jack Shaka
Equatorial Guinea: an Eternal Present PDF epub
Eduardo Solo-Trillo
Roadblocks to Peacebuilding in Cyprus: International Peacebuilding Actors’ Handling of the Recognition Issue PDF epub
Direnç Kanol, Bülent Kanol

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