Peace and Collaborative Development Network

The Peace and Collaborative Development Network is a free professional and academic networking site in International Affairs, Peacebuilding and related fields.

This is an invitation to join the Peace and Collaborative Development Network ( an online initiative to bring together organizations, professionals, academics and students working in peacebuilding, development, international affairs, social entrepreneurship and related fields.

The network fosters interaction between individuals and organizations around the world and currently has over 17,000 members and is attracting over 300,000 hits each month. The site is a terrific networking tool where members can find local and international partners and practitioners, share resources, read guides to careers, scholarships, internships, funding, and IT resources in the field, and exchange best practices. Discussion topics and personal blogs can be posted. The site also has a video section where members can access and view videos related to the field.

Becoming a member is fast, easy and free.

Please, take a minute to visit and explore the network.

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