Volume 0, Issue 1 (November 2009)

The Journal of Conflictology has started as a pilot project with this issue 0. The articles have not been peer-reviewed.

Table of Contents

Complete Issue Journal of Conflictology Volume 0, Issue 1 (2009) PDF


Constructive conflict transformation PDF
Louis Kriesberg
“System in conflict”: Analysis of the conflict theory within a system PDF
Nilda Susana Gorvein
Conflict and cultural violence in Colombia. Transformation proposals from the school PDF
Noemi Ordàs
Global civil society initiative to create a large-scale, unarmed peaceforce PDF
Rolf Carriere
Building peace over war ashes PDF
Jordi Cusso, Francesc Torralba, Maria Vinas
Conflict situations in the socio-health sphere of aged people PDF
R. Alzate, R. Malla Mora, A.I. Godoy Magdaleno
Reconciliation: some lessons learned in the restorative justice context PDF
Marc Forget
Civilian Movement for Ministries or Departments of Peace in the World PDF
Simonetta Costanzo
The conflict in mobbing. Triggers and resolution PDF
Marina Parés
Environmental peace (Gaia peace): Premises to develop a model PDF
Roberto Beltrán
Gangs An approach to understanding them and strategic proposals for resolving the conflicts they generate from the perspective of Conflictology PDF
Eduard Vinyamata
Mediation in university communities: the experience of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid PDF
Leticia García
Mediation: Roots in the past with projection in the future PDF
Anna Vall
Discovering gangs PDF
Beatriz Seisdedos
Mediating commitments PDF
Ian Macduff

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