Vol. 1, iss. 1

Table of Contents

Research Articles

University education and ICT: new uses and new roles PDF (Español)
Carles Sigalés
What are ICT for? (The Functions of information and communications technologies in organisations) PDF (Español)
Rafael Macau
Teaching innovation and the use of ICT in university education PDF (Español)
Jesús Salinas
Virtualisation in terms of modernising higher education: educational considerations PDF (Español)
Ángel H. Facundo

Special Section

E-learning e innovación social. Introducción PDF (Español) PDF (Español)
Jordi Planella, Israel Rodríguez
The real commitment of virtual learning: the social aspects of e-learning PDF (Español)
Adela Ros
On e-learning and other points of view: a social perspective PDF (Español)
Jordi Planella, Israel Rodríguez
American vision of the social perspective of e-learning in higher education PDF (Español)
Mónica Luque
e-Learning and social inclusion within the framework of the Spanish university system PDF (Español)
David Casacuberta Sevilla
Social perspective of e-learning in universities PDF (Español)
Marco Antonio R. Días
Social perspective of e-learning within national education system PDF (Español)
Tapio Varis
Social perspective of e-learning in the Brazilian university system PDF (Español)
Ramiro Wahrhaftig
La condición circular de la dimensión social del e-learning. Conclusiones PDF (Español)
Jordi Planella, Israel Rodríguez


Putting the University Online: Information, Technology, and Organisational Change by James Cornford and Neil Pollock PDF (Español)
Marga Franco Casamitjana

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