Vol 9, No 1 (January 2012)

This number comprises five articles in the Research Articles section, two book reviews and a Dossier on mathematical e-learning. Coordinated by Angel A. Juan and Maria Antonia Huertas (Open University of Catalonia, UOC), Hans Cuypers (EindhovenUniversity of Technology) and Birgit Loch (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne), the Dossier presents five articles and a book review offering a complete, international view of the latest advances in mathematical e-learning.

Table of Contents

  págs. 1-197 | pp. 198-376
Editorial PDF (Español) PDF PDF (Català) ePUB (Español) ePUB ePUB (Català)
Josep M. Duart págs. 1-2 | pàg. 3-4 | pp. 198-199

Research Articles

University Students’ Digital Reading and Writing Migration PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Luis Alfonso Argüello Guzmán págs. 5-21 | pp. 200-216
Preservation of Learning Objects in Digital Repositories PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Juanjo Boté Vericad, Julià Minguillón págs. 22-35 | pp. 217-230
University teaching in the 2.0 era: virtual campus teaching competencies PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Mª Esther Del Moral Pérez, Lourdes Villalustre Martínez págs. 36-50 | pp. 231-244
Social Networks and University Spaces. Knowledge and Open Innovation in the Ibero-American Knowledge Space PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Daniel Domínguez Figaredo, José Francisco Álvarez Álvarez págs. 51-64 | pp. 245-257
Wikis in Teaching: An Experiment with WikiHaskell and StatMediaWiki PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Manuel Palomo Duarte, Inmaculada Medina Bulo, Emilio José Rodríguez Posada, Francisco Palomo Lozano págs. 65-85 | pp. 258-277

Special Section

Dossier “Mathematical e-Learning” PDF (Español) MONOGRÁFICO COMPLETO (Español) PDF FULL DOSSIER ePUB (Español) ePUB
Angel A. Juan, María Antonia Huertas, Hans Cuypers, Birgit Loch págs. 86-197 | pp. 278-376
The Role of Digital, Formative Testing in e-Learning for Mathematics: A Case Study in the Netherlands PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Dirk Tempelaar, Boudewijn T. A. Kuperus, Hans Cuypers, Henk van der Kooij, Evert van de Vrie, André Heck págs. 92-114 | pp. 284-305
A Knowledge-Skill-Competencies e-Learning Model in Mathematics PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Giovannina Albano págs. 115-126 | pp. 306-319
Activity Theory and e-Course Design: An Experience in Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
José Luis Ramírez, Manuel Juárez, Ana Remesal págs. 130-149 | pp. 320-339
Distance Training of Mathematics Teachers: The EarlyStatistics Experience PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Ana Serradó Bayés págs. 150-165 | pp. 340-353
On How Moodle Quizzes Can Contribute to the Formative e-Assessment of First-Year Engineering Students in Mathematics Courses PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Monica Blanco Abellan, Marta Ginovart Gisbert págs. 166-183 | pp. 354-370
Teaching Mathematics Online: Emergent Technologies and Methodologies. Edited by Angel A. Juan, Maria A. Huertas, Sven Trenholm and Cristina Steegmann (2011) PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Hans Cuypers págs. 184-189 | pp. 371-376


Superficiales. ¿Qué está haciendo Internet con nuestras mentes?, by Nicholas Carr (2011) PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
J. Pere Molina Alventosa págs. 190-193
Diseño y moderación de entornos virtuales de aprendizaje (EVA), by Juan Eusebio Silva (2011) PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Jesús Salinas págs. 194-197

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