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Join our team Selection criteria

Selection criteria and terms of cooperation

Particular value is placed on:

  • University qualification in the field of knowledge of the qualification in which the candidate will work as course instructor; or in a related field.
  • Experience as a university teacher and/or practitioner in the 3 last years in the discipline in which the candidate will work as course instructor.
  • Experience in the coordination and organization of online or on-site groups.
  • A high level of written Catalan for the qualifications in Catalan.
  • A high level of written Spanish for the qualifications in Spanish.
  • An ability for personal relations and written communication, in addition to a high level of initiative and organizational and teamwork ability.
  • Experience in university management.
  • Having a main work activity and user-level knowledge of office software and the Internet.

IT requirements:

In order to perform these affiliated teaching tasks, the candidate must have a computer and modem, XDSI or ADSL (we recommend an Internet connection with ADSL), printer and CD-ROM. The affiliated teacher must have computer equipment that is comparable with that used by the students, in order to guarantee quality of communication.
Terms of cooperation:

The existence of a main activity is an indispensable requirement for carrying out teaching activity at the UOC.

The affiliated teacher must log on daily at the Virtual Campus and answer the students in a maximum of 48 hours.

In the case of affiliated teachers who are members of another university's teaching staff, the teaching activity is carried out within the framework of the agreements that the UOC has signed with Catalan and Spanish universities.

In all other cases, their work at the UOC is governed by a private contract for the provision of professional services.

The fees paid for the external provision of teaching services are calculated on the basis of the activity assigned in each case: tutoring, course instruction and other activities related with the preparation of learning resources.

The fees are paid in instalments during the semester, either directly to the teacher or through his or her university.