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Join our team Functions and conditions

Basic functions of teaching activities:

Course instruction is a basic part of the UOC's teaching model.
In an online learning environment, the course instructor is the person who presents, guides, plans, stimulates, focuses, motivates, gives cohesive form and assesses the student's learning processes through a proactive attitude.
The course instructor's functions imply activities related with the provision of individual and collective teaching assistance to students, monitoring their learning during the semester and proposing improvements to the course.

Thus, the course instructor will be concerned with settling doubts, proposing examples and additional explanations that make it easier for the student to understand the subject matter, stimulating debate and suggesting participation in forums, correcting the assessment tests, providing feedback to expedite the student's learning process, etc.
In addition to these basic functions, the people who are contracted as affiliated teaching staff may perform other activities related with the preparation of learning resources.
The course instructor is coordinated by a UOC's faculty member.

The following are indispensable requirements:

  • Have a main professional activity.
  • Be proficient in the language in which the teaching is given.
  • Have user-level knowledge of office software and the internet.