Research projects

Analysis of language comprehension in infant and primary school children with language difficulties using eye tracking (COMTELMO)

The goal of this project is to study how children with and without SLI understand spoken sentences in real time. The project is based on use of the eye-tracking technique during the performance of tasks that affect understanding of sentences' lexical and morphosyntactic aspects.

DARWeb: online psychosocial intervention for children with recurrent abdominal pain and their families

Chronic, recurrent pain is a major problem for our society and its treatment is challenging. In children, who are the target of our proposal, one of the most common pain problems is recurrent abdominal pain (RAP, or DAR, in Catalan). It can affect up to 12% of the child population, impairing the daily lives of both the children themselves and their families. The current system can offer no effective treatment for these children and their families. Consequently, we propose our online intervention, DARWeb, for people in this situation.

Design and validation of a tool to evaluate the efficacy, safety and effectiveness of health apps intended for the management and prevention of excess weight and obesity (EVALAPPS)

The goal of this project is to develop an app assessment instrument in the field of overweight and obesity management, based on an assessment of efficacy (change of habits with respect to diet and physical activity in the monitored population), effectiveness (in the general population) and safety (adverse effects caused by use of the apps), during a period of 4 weeks.


Collaboration project with Innohealth MED-HUB to create a node to establish a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) addressed at the thematic areas of healthy life and active ageing.