Research projects

Study of the senior co-housing movement in Spain (MOVICOMA)

This project focuses on the senior co-housing movement, a form of cooperative housing created by and for senior citizens as an alternative to nursing homes, family care and ageing at home. MOVICOMA is the first study of the senior co-housing movement in Spain. 

JUNTS. Overcoming social and educational barriers and fostering literacy about interferences and difficulties in understanding information and documentation targeting families of children affected by rare diseases

The JUNTS project addresses a specific problem: the fact that language and cognitive interferences in the texts written by professionals and associations for patients and families prevent their assimilation. In the context of a rare paediatric disease, the project addresses the challenge of making medical and health information accessible to the family and providing solutions (a protocol of recommendations for professionals and associations, and an app with appropriate information for the affected families) that will enable a more inclusive literacy of this population group.

Visual recognition using end-to-end learning methodologies: theory and applications (VIRTUEL)

This project proposes to design new learning algorithms used in computer vision to improve some of the open issues in this field. The project will focus on: The use of the large volume of unlabelled data available to improve the performance of learning algorithms, designing end-to-end learning architectures that model temporal and sequential dynamics in data, and the use of sparse representations in learning parameters to significantly reduce the training time of deep CNNs. 

Actitudes sociales hacia la utilización de nuevas tecnologías en los alimentos

The project is focused on the use of new technologies in the food industry, which encompasses a wide range of innovations that include genetically modified foods.