Scientific production

Possibilities of mobile applications for managing obesity according to professionals


Authors: Aguilar Martínez, Alicia; Tort, E.; Medina Luque, Francesc Xavier; Saigi Rubió, Francesc

Article in the journal Gaceta Sanitaria

Older People in a Connected Autonomy? Promises and Challenges in the Technologisation of Care


Authors: Sánchez Criado, Tomás; Domènech, Miquel

Article in the journal Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas

The Co-learning process in Healthcare Professionals: Assessing User Satisfaction in Virtual Communities of Practice


Authors: Jiménez Zarco, Ana Isabel; González González, Inés; Saigi Rubió, Francesc; Torrent Sellens, Joan

Article in the journal Computers in Human Behavior

The Online Big Blue Test for Promoting Exercise: Health, Self-Efficacy, and Social Support


Authors: Gómez Zúñiga, Benigna; Pousada Fernández, Modesta; Hernandez, MM; Colberg, S; Gabarron, E; Armayones Ruiz, Manuel

Article in the journal Telemedicine and e-Health

Understanding the discriminant factors that influence the adoption and use of clinical communities of practice: the ECOPIH case


Authors: Lacasta Tintorer, D.; Flayeh Beneyto, S.; Manresa, JM; Torán Montserrat, P.; Jiménez Zarco, Ana Isabel; Torrent Sellens, Joan; Saigi Rubió, Francesc

Article in the journal BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making

The use of Facebook in Spanish associations of rare diseases: How and what is it used for?


Authors: Armayones Ruiz, Manuel; Requena, S.; Gómez Zúñiga, Benigna; Pousada Fernández, Modesta; Bañón, A.M.

Article in the journal Gaceta Sanitaria

Using RFID to Detect Interactions in Ambient Assisted Living Environments


Authors: Parada, Raul; Melià Seguí, Joan Antoni; Morenza Cinos, Marc; Carreras, Anna; Pous, Rafael

Article in the journal IEEE Intelligent Systems

Pathos & ethos: Emotions and willingness to pay for tobacco products


Authors: Bogliacino, Francesco; Codagnone, Cristiano; Veltri, Giuseppe; Chakravarti, Amitav; Gaskell, George; Ivchenko, Andriy; Lupiáñez Villanueva, Francisco; Mureddu, Francesco; Ortoleva, Pietro; Rusdisill, Caroline

Article in the journal PLoS ONE

Adoption of Health Information Technologies by physicians for clinical practice: the Andalusian case


Authors: Villalba, Elena; Casas, Isabel; Lupiáñez Villanueva, Francisco; Maghiros, Ioannis

Article in the journal International Journal of Medical Informatics

Beeping Socks and Chirping Arm Bands: Wearables That Foster Free Play


Authors: Rosales Climent, Andrea; Sayago, Sergio; Blat, Josep

Article in the journal Computer