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Get to know the eLC

eLearn Center Director: Lluís Pastor

eLearn Center Director
Lluís Pastor


Director of the eLearn Center of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). Professor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Universitat Ramon Llull and Universitat de Girona. He is also director of Oberta Publishing. He holds a doctoral degree in Journalism from Universitat Ramon Llull, a masters in Journalism from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and a grade in Business Management from IESE, Universidad de Navarra.

He is the author of  Retòrica Exprés (Barcelona: Editorial UOC, 2008), La retòrica antiga (Barcelona: Editorial UOC, 2008), Escritura sexy (Barcelona: Editorial UOC, 2009) and Funiversity. els mitjans de comunicació canvien la universitat (Barcelona: Editorial UOC, 2010).

Education Model Evolution Manager: Ana Elena Guerrero

Education Model Evolution Manager
Ana Elena Guerrero


PhD in the Information and Knowledge Society from the UOC. Pre-EHEA degree in Education from Ramon Llull University (URL). Specialist in online education and in the study of how ICTs influence education.

Lecturer in the UOC Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications Department since 2001, coordinating the ICT Skills and Online Teamwork subjects on various bachelor's degree courses (including Business Administration and Management, Marketing, Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications).

She is currently a member of the TEKING (Technology Enhanced Knowledge and Interaction Group) research group. Her research centres on the study and development of tools for learning and e-assessment in virtual environments. More specifically, it focuses on the study of teaching and learning processes through ICT, tackling assessment processes based on academic results and on the achievement of both educational and professional skills.

Applied Research Manager: Julià Minguillón

Applied Research Manager
Julià Minguillón


He holds a PhD from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), where he has been a lecturer in the Information and Communications Engineering Department. In 2001, he joined the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya as a faculty member, in the Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications Department, where he has carried out teaching tasks in the fields of programming, languages and compilers, graphic computing, statistics and data mining.

He led the UOC's NET2LEARN research group, where his research interests include the description and standardization of education contents and the learning process through ontologies, semantic repositories of learning objects for personalization through learning pathways, and modelling user behaviour in an e-learning environment using web mining techniques. He currently participates in the LAIKA emerging research group in the field of learning analytics.

He has participated in a number of national and international projects relating to e-learning, including co-directing the OLCOS project on open education contents, the PERSONAL(ONTO) project on personalization and the E-MATH++ project on learning object repositories. He presently manages the MAVSEL project on data mining, analysis and display based on social e-learning models and he participates in the GenPORT project for the construction of a portal on gender and science issues. He is a member of the Catalunya Dades group and one of the driving forces behind the Introduction to Open Data course.


Twitter: @jminguillona

Innovation Manager: Guillem García Brustenga

Innovation Manager
Guillem García Brustenga


Senior telecommunications engineer (Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering, ETSETB-UPC) with a master's degree in Multimedia. He has also studied postgraduate courses in Business Administration and Project Management. 

He has been connected with technology project management at UOC Information Systems, as project leader, project coordinator and demand manager, always in the area of innovative, internet-related projects. 

He now works in the facilitation of internal innovation in the University as manager in the field of innovation at the UOC's eLearn Center, proposing the innovation model, detecting and fostering internal ideas and innovations and establishing mechanisms for turning ideas into innovations.   

He is interested in the design and rollout of results-oriented "bottom-up" and "top-down" innovation models and strategies, primarily in environments related to e-learning and the knowledge society, and in the management and coordination of innovation projects.


Twitter: @txerdiakov

Experimentation Laboratory Manager: Francesc Santanach

Experimentation Laboratory Manager
Francesc Santanach


Computer engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Expert in technologies for learning, educational standards and interoperability between education systems. He was responsible for the design of the UOC Virtual Campus and for the development of its architecture. He regularly participates in projects in education, e-learning tools and standards such as SCORM, IMS QTI, videoconferencing, audio and video blogs, IMS LTI and OKI OSIDs. He is also the author of educational materials and a UOC counsellor.


Education and ICT Programme Manager: Lourdes Guàrdia

Education and ICT Programme Manager:
Lourdes Guàrdia


PhD in Education Sciences from the University of the Basque Country. She has a pre-EHEA degree in Language and Literature and postgraduate degree in Teacher Training for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Barcelona (UB). Lecturer at the eLearn Center and in the UOC Psychology and Education Sciences Department. Member of the SGR Edul@b research group.

Director of the university master's degree programme in Education and ICT (e-learning).

She is a founding member of EPNET (European Network of ePortfolio Experts and Practitioners) and coordinator of the group of European experts on "Curriculum Development and Course Design" as part of the EMPOWER project of the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities.

Her research lines centre on the area of the use of ICT in education, particularly on the techno-educational and the instructional design processes of education resources and training programmes, on teaching skills and teacher training, and finally on online learning assessment and the educational use of ePortfolios.


Twitter: @louguardia

eLC Office Manager: Toni Martínez

eLC Office Manager:
Toni Martínez


Instructional designer of online education resources and of teaching methodologies based on the use of ICT and expert in e-learning project management. He holds a pre-EHEA degree in Law and a master's degree in Education and ICT, with a specialization in Instructional Design.

He has worked for some years as a tutor and counsellor with the UOC on its e-learning training postgraduate programmes and he has taught online teaching training courses for lecturers from a number of universities. He participated in the design and implementation of the UOC's institutional innovation programme and he has advised Latin American universities on the implementation of online education models.

A member of the eLearn Center team since it was created, he has contributed to the generation of knowledge in the field of online training, coordinating the technical office.