Doctoral theses submitted

Check out here to see some of the thesis submitted and thesis that have been completed on Doctoral School of the Open University of Catalonia in Education and ICT programs, Technology and Networks, Knowledge and Information Society. 

Doctoral Thesis submitted

The following Doctoral Thesis have been submitted to the Doctoral programme in Information and Knowledge Society: 

"Comunes urbanos: Lecciones desde la Barcelona de principios de Siglo XXI. Una propuesta de caracterización desde la praxis"

Candidate: Carlos Cámara Menoyo
Supervisors: Dr.  Josep Vivas and Dr. Ramon Ribera 

Any doctor may examine the thesis and formulate, as the case may be, the pleadings that they consider to be appropriate. These pleadings must be submitted in writting to the Doctorate Commission of the Programme.

Where: Doctoral School - Av. Carl Friedrich Gauss, 5. 08860 Castelldefels
Until: January 22th, 2018