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Doctoral School Doctoral theses

Doctoral Thesis submitted

The following Doctoral Thesis has been submitted to the Doctoral programme in Education and ICT

Diseño, Implementación y Evaluación de situaciones de aprendizaje mediadas por TIC en Educación Física  a través de la colaboración docente. 

Candidate: Meritxell Monguillot Hernando
Supervisors: Dr. Montse Guitert Catasús and  Dr. Carles González Arévalo 

Any doctor may examine the thesis and formulate, as the case may be, the pleadings that they consider to be appropriate. These pleadings must be submitted in writting to the Doctorate Commission of the Programme.

Where: Escola de Docotrat - Av. Carl Friedrich Gauss, 5. 08860 Castelldefels
Until: May 2nd, 2017