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The president's area Speeches and presentations


Graduation ceremony course 2016-2017 in Madrid

Venue: Los Teatros del Canal

«Nowadays, being open to the world means being present around the world, because all cultures, all  languages, all people, and all local differences count.»



Graduation ceremony course 2016-17 in Barcelona

Venue: L'Auditori

«In our world, learning is constant. It is not a phase, but a need and an opportunity that accompanies us throughout life.»


Inauguration of the academic year 2017-2018 for the Catalan university system

Lloc: Sala teatre, CCCB

«Universities have to see any technological and scientific revolution or any challenge facing society
and humanity as a chance to develop their social capacity through teaching, research and knowledge


CIDUI 2017 Symposium

Lloc: Aula Magna Facultat Biologia, UB

«Technology is a powerful means, but never an end.»



Jornada MoJo BCN (in Spanish)

Venue: Mobile World Centre

«It is wrong to ask ourselves how technology can help us to carry on doing that we did before without it.»


Medal of Honour award ceremony to Dr. Gabriel Ferraté (in Catalan)

Venue: Palau Sant Jordi, Generalitat de Catalunya


«The UOC was born and it still is true to the loyal to the spirit of doctor Ferraté. We are in debt to him.»


Dr. Gabriel Ferraté's address (in Catalan)




University in the Digital Era: Challenges, threats and emerging trends (in Spanish)


Venue: Institut d'Estudis Catalans

«Technology is not an extra that allows us to do what we have always done in an easier, faster way. It is much more than that.»