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Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Photo: UOC


The UOC will offer the University of Cambridge's English examinations to its students

As from today, the UOC has become a university collaboration centre for Cambridge English Language Assessment, the University of Cambridge's English assessment department. The UOC's students will now be able to take the examinations to obtain the Cambridge English certificates at the university centre. The agreement seeks to offer a competitive advantage to university students, as the Cambridge English certificates are recognized by educational centres and companies around the world.

Photo: Inbal Marilli / Unsplash


Forty-four Colombians to study for a master's degree at the UOC thanks to the ICETEX grants programme

Forty-four Colombians will be studying for a university master's degree thanks to the grants offered by the UOC in the call of the Colombian National Overseas Study Grants Commission of ICETEX, published in November 2016. These education grants will offer Colombian students with the best academic performance the chance to study at a European university.

Photo: Flickr / Duchess Flux (CC)


Encouraging a critical spirit in children, the tool for fighting the sexism that infiltrates our screens

Women with impossible bodies, who are provocative, scantily-clad, hyper-sexualized or with denigrating roles are some of the main attributes of female characters that appear in video games. This audiovisual product is the main focus of discriminatory stereotypes towards women, although cinema, TV series or advertisements for games also camouflage sexist conducts which, even today, seem difficult to eradicate. Positive self-esteem, educating in the classroom and at home and public condemnation of such stereotyped content are some of the tools experts use to encourage a critical spirit from an early age.

Photo: Flickr / genesys34 (CC)


The UOC starts up its international virtual mobility programme with seven hundred Colombian students

The UOC is collaborating with Colombian university Uniminuto in an international mobility programme. Thanks to these joint efforts, 706 students from the Latin American country will be studying and learning at our University this semester. This is the highest number of students in an international exchange to be managed by the UOC to date, and is the first mobility programme to stem from an inter-university agreement.

Photo: Flickr / AJC1 (CC)


Wikipedia is the leading source of scientific information

Eduard Aibar, director of the UOC research group Open Science & Innovation (OSI), and Marta Aymerich, the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research at the UOC, have today presented the results of the first study on the scientific content of the Spanish language version of Wikipedia. The study, which was supported by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), constitutes the most extensive and in-depth research conducted to date anywhere in the world, on this kind of content, in any of the online encyclopaedia’s language versions. The event, held at the UOC’s headquarters in Barcelona, was attended by Roderic Guigó, a researcher from the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), associated with the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), and Àlex Hinojo, ambassador and project manager at Amical Wikimedia.