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Faculty of Arts and Humanities


The challenges for the university sector in a multilingual society under debate

The 5th EUNoM European Symposium, organised by the UOC, spent two days analysing the role of universities in a society that is increasingly multilingual, globalised and technological, and facing the challenge of adapting to ICTs and providing students with the right tools. The symposium brought together academics from fourteen countries and focused on language e-learning and how ICTs can help overcome both linguistic and cultural barriers.


New Frontiers of Science, Art and Thought

From 17 to 20 November, international experts in the creation, production, research and communication of the intersections between art, science and technology are to explore interdisciplinary working processes at the Sinèrgia. New Frontiers of Science, Art and Thought conference. The UOC is collaborating in this 4-day conference organised and hosted by the Arts Santa Mònica cultural centre (La Rambla 7, Barcelona).