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Faculty of Health Sciences
Current events


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The Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and The Mediterranean Diet Foundation (FDM) have signed a framework agreement

The framework agreement for collaboration to develop activities of mutual interest like courses, seminars and meetings


The Associate Companies Meeting invites Wikimedia's Head of Business Development

The fourth UOC Associate Companies Meeting is to take place on Monday 22 February. This year's event is to involve Kul Wadhwa, Head of Business Development at the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organisation that manages the popular Wikipedia collaborative encyclopaedia. Imma Tubella, the UOC's President, is to open the event and Llorenç Valverde, Vice President of Technology, is to introduce the speaker.


The UOC organises a get-together for more than 2.400 postgraduate students

On Saturday, the 7th of November, the first get-together of the new academic year will take place for over 2,400 students of the UOC´s International Graduate Institute, held at the Geography and History Department of the UB (c-Montalegre, 6). Throughout the morning, the students in the masters, postgraduate and specialisation programmes and their professors and tutors will have the opportunity to participate in different talks and program activities.