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Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences


Fantasy film premières at the University with a master's degree

One of the driving forces behind today's audiovisual sector is fantasy film. Many of the films linked to the genre form part of the collective cultural imagination. These films also have a huge turnover. Avatar made $2.788 billion worldwide, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a little over $2.068 billion, and Jurassic World, around $1.7 billion. As well as a good script, experts stress that the key to success is constant innovation in the genre and the ability of professionals to generate new ideas and projects. This is the main reason for creating the Master's Degree in Contemporary Fiction and Fantasy Film launched jointly by the UOC and the Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya.

Photo: Inbal Marilli / Unsplash


Forty-four Colombians to study for a master's degree at the UOC thanks to the ICETEX grants programme

Forty-four Colombians will be studying for a university master's degree thanks to the grants offered by the UOC in the call of the Colombian National Overseas Study Grants Commission of ICETEX, published in November 2016. These education grants will offer Colombian students with the best academic performance the chance to study at a European university.

Photo: Tim Gouw / Unsplash


Ten ways to get the most of Netflix or HBO

One in every five Spaniards watches television on catch-up according to a TV audience behavioural study by Barlovento Comunicaciones. The arrival of on-demand television is gaining followers. Netflix now provides a service in over 190 countries to more than 86 million people, who enjoy over 125 million hours of programmes. At the end of November, HBO Spain entered the arena as a new player on the on-demand TV scene.

Photo: Pawel Kadysz / Flickr (CC)


UOC students have access to video games on the Steam platform

The UOC Virtual Library is providing students of the Game Design course, of the Master’s Degree in Video Game Design and Development, codes for the downloading and subsequent study of audiovisual products on Steam. This digital platform, created in 2003, currently has over 9 million regular users and is considered a leader in video games for PCs with 75% of the digital market, according to data from Bloomberg. The University is therefore committed to the video game as a learning tool.

Foto: UOC


Quadrivia: the first trivia game for university students

The UOC has created a pioneering app in education so that university students can learn by playing. It is called Quadrivia and it is similar to the well-known Trivial Pursuit. Players have to answer multiple-choice questions with four possible answers, of which only one is correct. Open to the whole of the university community and to anyone with a higher education profile seeking to try out their knowledge, the initiative reinforces the commitment made by the UOC to provide students with different learning resources.

Photo: Manfred Antranias Zimmer / Pixabay.com


Open Evidence, European expert in active ageing

Under the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP - AHA), the EU has approved a number of research and innovation projects in which Open Evidence, the first Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) spin-off, is participating. As Francisco Lupiáñez, one of the Open Evidence managers and UOC professor of Information and Communication Sciences, says, the EU is committed to investing in active ageing, “as it is one of the challenges currently facing Europe”. Open Evidence has received over half a million euros in EU funding for projects in this field.

Photo: Flickr / genesys34 (CC)


The UOC starts up its international virtual mobility programme with seven hundred Colombian students

The UOC is collaborating with Colombian university Uniminuto in an international mobility programme. Thanks to these joint efforts, 706 students from the Latin American country will be studying and learning at our University this semester. This is the highest number of students in an international exchange to be managed by the UOC to date, and is the first mobility programme to stem from an inter-university agreement.

Photo: Flickr: dr_zoidberg /(CC)


The thousand faces of the selfie on Instagram

The selfie is one of the great stars of Instagram and the most modern interpretation of the portrait. Far from being just a fad, it has become almost a photographic genre in its own right. Since the legendary selfie of Ellen DeGeneres at the 2014 Oscar ceremony, the selfie concept has matured and gained popularity. Until that moment, Google searches for the term "selfie" were almost non-existent. Now, the selfie has firmly established itself and left in its wake a vast legacy of self-portraits. The UOC research Selfiestories and personal data looks at the use of Instagram as an authentic content creation tool, and the selfie as a medium for conveying personal narrative.