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Faculty of Law and Political Science

Foto: UOC


"Haiti has the highest maternal mortality rate in the whole of the Americas and 80% of pregnancies are high risk"


Flores de Kiskeya is a not-for-profit organization that helps adult and adolescent women in Haiti. We have spoken to one of its volunteers, Margarita Maura, to find out about the project she has been helping with in Peru while also continuing her studies on the Master's Degree in Legal Practice.


Photo: UOC


"We can no longer call them refugees"


A meeting on a Ukrainian-Soviet train. A common profession, correspondent. A shared concern with a Europe in tension, its borders, and all the people that reach them searching for a future they are denied where they were born. The Italian Irene Savio, brought up in Argentina, and the Valencian Leticia Álvarez have travelled all over our continent covering an unprecedented human crisis. Thousands, millions, of people are fleeing war, hunger, fear... their expressions call to us and their hopes are placed in us. For years, the two journalists had told us the story on television, radio and in the press. But one day this was no longer enough: they wanted to give a voice to the true protagonists so that they could tell us their story, to reflect all the details always left out of the reports because of lack of time or space. This is how Mi nombre es refugiado (My Name is Refugee, Editorial UOC) was born, a book full of life with its light and shadow that cannot leave those who call themselves people indifferent.

Foto: Unsplash / Damian Zaleski


A European project to develop a collaborative platform to control citizens' data on the web

A European study involving the UOC’s Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) is to design a collaborative platform to help citizens control their data and manage their digital identities. The research led by Barcelona City Council also involves 11 other institutions including Nesta (UK), Arduino Verkstad (Sweden) and the Centre d'Économie de la Sorbonne (France).