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Faculty of Law and Political Science

Photo: UOC


The UOC is running a pilot scholarship programme to allow refugees to study

The UOC has started up a scholarship programme which will give refugee students or asylum seekers living in refugee camps in Greece, or waiting to be relocated to other European locations, access to higher education and language courses. This initiative corresponds to an institutional commitment to guarantee the right to education of people whose lives have been interrupted by armed conflict or other extreme circumstances.


Photo: Inbal Marilli / Unsplash


Forty-four Colombians to study for a master's degree at the UOC thanks to the ICETEX grants programme

Forty-four Colombians will be studying for a university master's degree thanks to the grants offered by the UOC in the call of the Colombian National Overseas Study Grants Commission of ICETEX, published in November 2016. These education grants will offer Colombian students with the best academic performance the chance to study at a European university.

Photo: Flickr / genesys34 (CC)


The UOC starts up its international virtual mobility programme with seven hundred Colombian students

The UOC is collaborating with Colombian university Uniminuto in an international mobility programme. Thanks to these joint efforts, 706 students from the Latin American country will be studying and learning at our University this semester. This is the highest number of students in an international exchange to be managed by the UOC to date, and is the first mobility programme to stem from an inter-university agreement.

Photo: Flickr / Theodore Lee (CC)


Smartphone lane for pedestrians with mobile phones?

Pokémon Go has become a regular sight on the streets and the front pages over the last few days. The phenomenon created by the video game, which is available in 35 countries with over 35 million downloads, has been explored from different perspectives:  the price of Nintendo on the stock market; addictions caused; the differences in popularity between generations; game locations; PokeStops and PokeMeets, among other features. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the accidents and incidents reported in public areas have caught the attention of local authorities and the media and opened a debate on the "safety" issues and risks involved (depending on how the issue is seen) when walking while holding a mobile phone.

Flickr: Oung Ty Sana /(CC)


Tips for finding even cheaper flights

"The theory that the last-minute purchase is cheaper is not true”, says Neus Soler, professor of Economics and Business at the UOC. Buying at the last minute makes the average price 31.2% more expensive. In fact, according to a study, the best time to book a flight is 7 weeks ahead, when the ticket price is on average 9.7% cheaper. UOC experts in computing, marketing strategies and consumer rights analyse how to fly more for less and without missing the flight.

Foto: United Nations Photo/ Flickr (cc)


THE UOC is dedicating a week to refugees with its #20JrefugeESuoc campaign

From 13 to 20 June the UOC will be building support online for refugees and forcibly displaced persons. The hashtag #20JrefugeESuoc is being used across social networks to condemn the reality experienced on a daily basis by thousands of people forced to flee their homes due to war or causes relating to religion, the environment, politics, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation. With this initiative the UOC is adding its weight to Setmana de lluita pel 20J [Week of Protest for 20 June], organized by various groups, bodies, political parties and unions from around Catalonia.

Photo: Flickr / Iphonedigital (cc)


Assault on the iPhone

Which should prevail, the right to public security or the right to privacy? This is the debate that in recent months has divided public opinion in the United States regarding the "iPhone case" that has pitted Apple against the FBI. Three experts from the UOC analyse the case on the occasion of Apple's 40th anniversary, which will be this Friday, 1 April.

Photo: United Nations Photo / Flickr (cc)


How to study conflictology in the worst conditions imaginable

Is it possible to study for a master's degree during a bombing raid? The experience of the 120 volunteers, soldiers, and technicians of the United Nations and other international agencies who have passed through the classrooms of the UOC, and are assigned to peacekeeping operations, confirm that it is. Since 2013, the UOC and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) have trained military personnel deployed in humanitarian missions throughout the world in conflict management. Last Friday, the two institutions met to assess the joint work.

Photo: Thomas Vilhelm/ UOC


Students choose the UOC because it is an innovative university that lets them manage their time better

Bachelor's degree students have two main reasons for choosing the UOC: first, it lets them manage their time better and, second, it is seen to be a modern and innovative university. These are the reasons they give when they enrol. There are 33,292 people studying an official course at the UOC this semester, the second semester of the academic year.

Photo: Flickr / Pabak Sarkar (CC)


Facebook comes of age

On 4 February 2004, a social medium was born that, in just over a decade, has become one of the most revolutionary and successful inventions of the century: Facebook. In spite of the many transformations it has undergone from the visual, relational and content viewpoints, twelve years later, Facebook is still one of the world's most popular social mediums. It has 1.59 billion active users and, of these, 934 million log on to the social medium every day. Facebook has come of age and Mark Zuckerberg, its founder, has enormous aspirations for the network with his new, world-embracing project: Internet.org. Experts from the UOC analyse the past, the present and the ethical quandaries raised by this network's future.