Awards and accolades

Logo IGC
2010 - IGC award for Digital Innovation

The MyWay project, developed by professionals from the UOC, won the 2006 IGC award for Digital Innovation in the category of projects by universities and institutions, granted by the Internet Global Congress. The IGC awards for Digital Innovation have as their objective the recognition and rewarding of talent and progress of both companies and professionals or university students who present innovative technology-based projects in the field of information and communication technologies, specifically in the digital area.

European Council for Rural Law
2009 - Prize of Honour from the European Council for Rural Law

Aura Esther Vilalta, professor at the Faculty of Law and Political Science, received the Prize of Honour from the European Council for Rural Law (CEDR) for her book El derecho de superficie: la superfície rústica (The right to land: rural land). 

Catalan Guild of Journalists Logo
2009 - Office of Communications Award

The UOC's communications plan was awarded the "Best Internal Communications Strategy" Award by the Catalan Guild of Journalists. These awards are to recognize and promote the work of offices of communication and the people who work in them, as well as the efforts in the public and private sector to provide access to useful and truthful information. The award highlighted the communications plan's wide scope.

CIS - Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas
2009 - National Sociology and Political Science Prize

Professor Manuel Castells received the National Sociology and Political Science Prize in recognition for his outstanding professional and academic career in the field of sociology and political science.

Consell de Treball, Econòmic i Social de Catalunya (CTESC)
2009 - Mercè Sala Award for doctoral theses

Mireia Fernández, UOC researcher, received the Mercè Sala Award for her doctoral thesis Determinants de la competitivitat de les petites i micro empreses en un entorn d’innovació (Determinants of competitiveness of small and micro enterprises in an innovation environment).

Logo IMS
2009 - Learning Impact Award for the Best Learning Portal (Leadership)

MyUOC, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya’s (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) Virtual Campus, won the 2009 Learning Impact award for the best educational portal from the IMS Global Consortium. Learning Impact is organised by the IMS Global Consortium, a non-profit association that works to improve learning through the use of technology. Its members, some one hundred organisations from around the world, including the UOC, work in different fields of e-learning. The IMS’s mission is to act as a neutral forum where organisations can work together to promote the use of technology and so enrich learning.

Excellence Prize
2009 - Center of Excellence from the New Media Consortium (NMC)

The UOC received the Center of Excellence Award from the New Media Consortium (NMC),  a consortium of more than 300 learning-focused organisations that promotes the use and development of new learning technologies. The NMC selection committee stated that it wished to recognise “the UOC’s leadership in the fields of learning technology and open educational resources”. 

Catalan Association of Sociology (ACS)
2009 - Catalonia Sociology Prize

Professor Manuel Castells received the Catalonia Sociology Prize, awarded by the Catalan Association of Sociology (ACS) of the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC).

Logo Alares Foundation
2009 - Alares Award for Work-Life Balance

The UOC received this award from the Alares Foundation, the mission of which is to promote initiatives to improve both people's living conditions, and companies' and institutions' social responsibility and competitiveness. The award came in recognition of the UOC's history of consistently promoting policies to improve work-life balance. 

2008 - Innova Award

The blog Fem un museu – Jo també he estat immigrant (Let’s make a museum – I was an immigrant too) by the History of Immigration in Catalonia Museum, created by the research group OLIBA, received the 2008 Innova Award in the category of service, presented at the Expodidàctica show. 

Logo IMS
2008 - IMS Learning Impact Awards

The UOC's My Way project, which allows for the custom transformation of content into different formats, won a Gold Award at the Learning Impact Awards 2008, organised by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. The Learning Impact Awards are in recognition of the learning-support technology with the greatest impact. The judges assess and reward services and products that provide an important technological stimulus to education. 

Associació Catalana de Sociologia
2007 - Young Sociologist Prize

Researcher Clelia Colombo received the Young Sociologist Prize from the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC). The winning work was titled: E-participació: la incorporació d'Internet en els processos de participació ciutadana en la presa de decisions públiques (E-participation: the incorporation of the Internet in citizen participation processes in the public decision making).

CVA Logo
2007 - Flexible Company Award

The UOC received the Flexible Company Award from the Comunicación de Valor Añadido (CVA) consultancy firm. The award is for companies that stand out for their  policies to improve work-life balance. 

Creu de Sant Jordi
2006 - Creu de Sant Jordi (St George's Cross)

Professor Manuel Castells received the Creu de Sant Jordi awarded by the Government of Catalonia.

Logo MC Mutual
2006 - Antonio Baró Award for Health and Safety

The UOC received this award from MC Mutual. The award is for the work carried out by companies and institutions on occupational health and safety.