This is the entitlement of an individual to request that the UOC not process his or her personal data or that processing cease to be carried out in the following cases:

  • When consent to the processing of the data is not necessary as a result of there being a legitimate and grounded reason relating to a specific personal situation and no law says otherwise.
  • When the files in question are for advertising or commercial research purposes, pursuant to Article 51 of the RLOPD.
  • When the processing is for the purpose of making a decision in regard to the subject, based solely on automated processing of data intended to evaluate certain personal aspects relating to him pursuant to Article 36 of the RLOPD.

How is it exercised?

Documents that must be provided: 

  • Proof of identity of the data subject (ID card, passport or equivalent). A photocopy should be enclosed.
  • If the request is made through a representative, proof of such legal or voluntary representation should also be provided.
  • Should the data subject exercise his or her right of opposition in order that his or her data should be processed when consent is not necessary, the request should state legitimate and grounded reason regarding his or her personal situation justifying the exercise of this right.

How long is the decision period?

The UOC will issue a decision on the opposition request within a maximum of ten (10) days as of the date of reception of the request. After this time, if no response to the opposition request has been received, the subject may file a claim with the Catalan Data Protection Agency.

Should the UOC not have the subject's personal data, it will inform the subject of this within ten (10) days.