Discussion: "The Conditions of Creativity"

On 19 October, at 7 pm, the Sala Beckett will be hosting the first of the discussions on how the brain is formed, how it works, how it evolves over the years and how it changes with external interactions. In addition, an artistic creator will open up a debate on what creativity is, how it is generated and why it is not the same for everyone.

Taking part will be Diego Redolar, researcher with the Cognitive Neuroscience and Information Technologies research group at the UOC (CNIT); psychiatrist Xaro Snchez, head of the pathology service at the Novadic-Kentron and GGz Breburg (Netherlands), scientific disseminator and visual artist; and Jos Sanchis Sinisterra, creator.

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The UOC is co-organizing a series of multidisciplinary talks to bring people into closer contact with science
The Conditions of the Brain series involves three talks and a workshop to improve the contents on Wikipedia to do with the brain. The first session will take place on 19 October, at 7 pm, at Sala Beckett theatre in Barcelona.


Sala Beckett
Carrer de Pere IV, 228 - 232


19/10/2017 19.00h

Organized by

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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