Postgraduate course in linguistic and cultural diversity management

The Linguamón-UOC Chair in Multilingualism has completed designing an online postgraduate course in managing linguistic and cultural diversity, which the UOC is already offering in the 2010-11 academic year.


The aim of this course is to provide specialists with advanced knowledge on managing multilingualism in organisations and in the fields of information and communication technology. For more information on the contents of this postgraduate course, click here.


>Course syllabus


The course content focusses on a number of main themes:


 ·    Globalisation and ideologies of linguistic and cultural diversity: This aims to offer a range of introductory content to provide a critical insight into the main concepts of global multilingualism, placing special emphasis on the discourse of international bodies and the principles of sustainable linguistic diversity.


·    Multilingual policies in organisations: In this case, the content provides an understanding of multilingual management in corporations (including multilingual public institutions such as the EU, but also encompassing private organisations).


·    Immigration and linguistic diversity: Here, the focus is on analysing a number of immigration policies and also official language policies in a minority situation.


·    Education and linguistic diversity: In this area we discuss languages issues in education systems.


In addition to the above postgraduate course, we also offer three shorter courses specialising in the management of linguistic diversity:


-Managing linguistic diversity: education and immigration

-Managing linguistic diversity: immigration and business

-Managing linguistic diversity: businesses and ICT


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