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Centre for Modern Languages Enrolment and schedule

Enrolment process

This is the enrolment process for students studying at the UOC for the first time. If you have studied at the UOC before and want to continue, visit the corresponding section of the Virtual Campus.

If you have any doubts, fill in the Would you like more information? form to be found on the righthand side of the page and we will contact you.

Select the course

Select the course that best meets the language level you want to study. If you have prior knowledge of the language from studies outside the UOC, go to the Level Tests section to take the tests (except Chinese and Japanese). If you have studied somewhere else, you can also check the level comparison tables.

Enrolment form

Fill in the enrolment form that you can find on the righthand side of this page. Once you have registered your details and selected the language you want to study, you will be taken to the page where you can pay by credit card and request an invoice if you need one.

There are special offers for UOC community members which are available if you enrol from the Secretary's Office on the UOC Virtual Campus.

Sign in to the Virtual Campus

We will send two messages to the email address indicated. The first is confirmation of enrolment and the second has the username and password needed to sign in to the Virtual Campus.

Enrolment proposal

Once signed in to the Virtual Campus, you will find the tutor's classroom. This classroom automatically appears on the UOC Campus home page within 48 hours of enrolling. It is here that your tutor will show you how the UOC Virtual Campus and classrooms work.

If you are studying at the UOC for the first time, we recommend that you enrol a few weeks before teaching starts so that you can sign in to the tutor's classroom and get to know the Campus, classrooms and tools you are going to need.


This table shows the periods for enrolment and when teaching starts for our courses.

Enrolment Start of teaching Length of course
From May to September September 1 semester
From November to February February 1 semester