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The UOC's English courses are taught are organized into five levels, each of which is divided into two parts.

They start with A1-level courses for beginners and end with C1-level courses.

Instructors use self-correcting multimedia materials, communication tools and different classroom activities to help students develop their oral and written comprehension and expression skills, and improve their ability to communicate in English.

Guidance on enrolment

We recommend that you take the level test when deciding which course best suits your current level. If you have no prior knowledge and would like to enrol on a beginners' course, you may proceed directly to enrolment.

CLUC English tests

If you enrol at the UOC Centre for Modern Languages, you can register for the CLUC (Catalan Universities Language Certificate) B2-level English examination. CLUC examinations are taken in person at one of the universities in Catalonia.

CEFR Level Semester-long courses Campus language Credits Fees Fees for bachelor's degree students *
Each credit represents a workload of 25 hours.

English A1.1 (Beginner 1) Catalan 4 €256
English A1.2 (Beginner 2) Catalan 4 €256

English A2.1 (Elementary 1) Catalan 4 €256 €160
English A2.2 (Elementary 2) Catalan 4 €256 €160

English B1 Intensive (Intermediate) Catalan 8 €512 €320
English B1 Annual (Intermediate) Catalan 8 €464
English B1.1 (Intermediate 1) Catalan 4 €256 €160
English B1.2 (Intermediate 2) Catalan 4 €256 €160

English B2 Annual (Upper intermediate) Catalan 12 €696
English B2.1 (Upper intermediate 1) Catalan 6 €384 €240
English B2.2 (Upper intermediate 2) Catalan 6 €384 €240


Operational proficiency

English C1 Annual (Advanced) Catalan 12 €696
English C1.1 (Advanced 1) Catalan 6 €384
English C1.2 (Advanced 2) Catalan 6 €384

Preparation Course Cambridge English: First (FCE)

Preparation Course Catalan 4 €240

Preparation Course Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)

Preparation Course Catalan 4 €240

* There are special rates for first-year bachelor's degree students at Catalan universities.