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The Japanese courses are for people with little or no knowledge of Japanese. They allow students to develop oral and written language skills through the use of the latest information and communication technologies and most up-to-date teaching methods.

The first course, Japanese A1.1, introduces students to communicative situations they will need in everyday settings, such as introductions, greetings, exchanging emails, etc. Students start by studying the writing system so that they can carry out activities involving reading comprehension, written expression and interaction using a computer or by hand.

In the A2.2 course, currently the highest level offered by the Centre for Modern Languages, you will study phrases, expressions and vocabulary for use when visiting or living in Japan. Students acquire useful knowledge about Japanese customs and culture while learning to talk about their country of origin. The kanji characters taught on each course are those needed for the written expression exercises and the ones most commonly used in daily life in Japan.

CEFR Level Semester-long courses Campus language Credits Fees
Each credit represents a workload of 25 hours.


Japanese A1.1 Catalan 4 €259
Japanese A1.2 Catalan 4 €259
Japanese A1.3 Catalan 4 €259

Japanese A2.1 Catalan 4 €259
Japanese A2.2 Catalan 4 €259
N5 Preparation Course Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N5 Catalan 2 €121