ACT_Project. Ageing, Communication, Technologies (ACT): experiencing a digital world in later life

Area: Technology and communications

PI: Fernndez-Ardvol, Mireia

Research group: CNSC - Communication Networks & Social Change

Project status: Open

Funding institution: Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada - Canada

Dates: 2014-2021

Objectives: Ageing + Communication + Technologies (ACT) is a multi-methodological research project that brings together researchers and institutional and community partners to address the transformation of the experiences of ageing with the proliferation of new forms of mediated communications in networked societies. The main focus of the project is on studying “digital ageism”, biases creating inclusion and exclusion, and their effects in a digitalized world. Besides analyzing this phenomenon, the project will also provide strategies for change in this context.

ACT objectives are to transform public discourses and understandings of age and ageing; include older adults as active agents and collaborators in our research agenda to develop appropriate languages, methods and ways to communicate intergenerationally and intra-generationally; develop curricula and teaching methods and provide a lasting collaborative platform for the theorization and critical analysis of the relationship between ageing and digital worlds.