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Get to know the eLC
Work areas

The eLearn Center is organized into different work areas that complement each other, as they are interconnected and provide constant feedback.

  • Evolution of the education model: The priority of this work area is to ensure the evolution of the UOC's education model, with the definition of the instruments, the environments and the methodologies that comprise it. It is also responsible for assessing the results of the adaptation and application of the model.
  • Applied research: The UOC is an excellent source of data regarding teaching and learning processes based on the use of ICT. The main aim of this area is to enable the University's lecturers and researchers to get the most benefit from this fact and to disseminate good teaching practices.
  • Innovation: The main aim of this area is to promote the culture of innovation in the University and to ensure results both through "bottom-up" projects, following "open innovation" dynamics, and through cross-disciplinary and strategic projects.
  • Experimentation Laboratory: The mission of this newly-created area is to allow UOC lecturers, researchers and administrators to design and conduct experiments related to online learning at the University.
  • Education and ICT Programme: Coming under the umbrella of the Psychology and Education Sciences Department, this area brings together all the UOC's knowledge of e-learning in the form of a regulated academic offer. The aim of the programme is to transfer this knowledge – both internally and externally – to optimize the University's educational activities.