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Get to know the eLC
Mission and vision


The aim of the eLC is the constant assessment and optimization of the UOC's education model. For this reason, the centre is perceived as an open environment – designed specifically for faculty and administrative staff – devoted to experimentation, applied research, innovation and training in e-learning.


The eLC should be the centre that drives the evolution and excellence of the UOC's education model, from both the educational and the technological point of view, with the aim of positioning the University as an international benchmark centre in e-learning.

Relevant elements of the vision

  • The UOC as laboratory.
  • The evolution of the education model as a cornerstone.
  • Applied research into the UOC itself.
  • Online learning as a value and as a work tool.
  • Online learning as a territory.
  • The eLC as trendsetter in e-learning.