What is the eLearn Center?

The eLearn Center (eLC) is the UOC e-learning centre for research, innovation and training.

Inspired on a network research model, at the eLC we make work and collaboration between teams, professionals and institutions both within and outside the UOC to find more innovative ways of living and feeling e-learning.

A dozen research and innovation groups and a team of 245 professionals from 24 different nationalities form the eLC community, open to the incorporation of new members, projects and companies.


Rosalind James, director of dehub

"Education institutions must rethink their mission and build from a foundation of excellence in learning"

Dr Rosalind James is the director of dehub, the research and innovation centre for distance and online learning at the University of New England (Australia). She is also a co-editor of the e-journal RUSC and has extensive research experience in the field of e-learning, which has led to various collaborations with the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) including seminars and research projects with the eLearn Center.