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What is APLICA?

  • It is the internal call for grants to carry out initiatives and pilot trials aimed at conducting innovation projects in the areas of teaching practice and university administration of the UOC.

What does it offer?

  • Support in the definition of projects and accompaniment throughout the whole execution process.
  • Services required for the conducting of the projects.
  • Support in the dissemination of the results obtained.

APLICA project types

Teaching innovation

Projects relating to the teaching and learning process that impact on any of the principal elements of the education model (learning activity, accompaniment, resources and collaboration) or on all of them as a whole; application of ICT in the learning process; design of courses offered; teaching and assessment methodologies in online higher education.

Innovation in university administration

Projects relating to the definition of university administration processes, applications and tools, both in the area of attracting students, academic administration, marketing, teaching support, learning resources management, the organizational model, communication and dissemination, institutional image, support for research and transfer, and in aspects relating to economic administration.

The two types respond to a broad concept both of innovation and of e-learning, which includes not only the strictly educational or technological perspective but also the organizational and institutional one.

APLICA 2016 call

This year's APLICA continues in the vein of fostering innovation within the UOC, in both the teaching and the administration spheres, and it continues committed to a model of open innovation as a means to encourage participation and promote the innovative spirit within the University.

Again, the call has been designed in line with the challenges to which a response needs to be found and that are related to different strategic areas of the UOC:

  • Transforming UOC through mobility and ubiquity
  • Learning Analytics. Knowing and improving UOC from its data
  • Personalization of teaching
  • Expansion of the limits of the UOC model and online education

To develop the call, a platform* has been created aimed at all UOC staff, where they are invited to share proposed solutions to the challenges posed, to follow the idea as it matures and to participate in the development of ideas of other colleagues.


* You will find the link to the platform, as well as the terms and conditions document, inside the UOC's Virtual Campus.