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PETRA projects

Cross-disciplinary strategic projects (PETRA) are unique, cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary projects, with some element of innovation, that seek to provide an answer to the key needs and demands of the UOC Strategic Plan.

Their aim is to develop new products, services, systems or business models that increase the competitive advantage of the UOC proposal.

2015 cross-disciplinary strategic projects

The cross-disciplinary strategic projects that will be conducted in 2015 are:

  • SAFE - Support and Accompaniment for Student Loyalty

    A project that embraces four pilot trials aimed at reducing drop-out rates among UOC students. The first two pilot trials seek to have an influence on the reduction of drop-out rates while improving teaching feedback, the first through the hypothesis of a decrease in the ratio of students per classroom and the second through the effects of an increase in communication tools synchronized with the learning spaces.

    The third pilot trial explores new specific care systems to accompany students who are unable to follow the assessment model and who fall into this situation of disconnection. The fourth seeks to experiment with the most suitable tools and resources with which to provide teachers for the early detection of students who might enter this situation in which their learning is at risk.
  • Authorship (provisional name)

    This project consists of creating a tool to aid the creation/editing of UOC learning resources in a broad sense: teaching modules, but also activities, course plans, software guides, etc.

    It makes use of the results and developments obtained from past APLICA projects in terms of content multi-editions, open-source resource publishing, creation of teaching materials in the cloud, etc.