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eLearn Center Experimentation Laboratory

What is it?

  • The UOC Experimentation Laboratory into e-learning provides instruments for innovation and applied research in e-learning while furnishing data for the analysis and improvement of the education model.

What does it offer?

  • An online laboratory for research and teaching.
  • The infrastructures and the instruments needed to conduct experiments in e-learning, such as applied research and teaching innovation projects.
  • A flexible but controlled context for the observation and gathering of data and evidence.
  • A Learning Analytics database for research and teaching that includes information since 2007 and provides the big data treatment tools necessary for exploring it.

The educational environment of the UOC, which uses e-learning intensively, constitutes an unbeatable space for applied research and innovation in this sphere. E-learning is, moreover, a work in progress undergoing constant evolution that needs to be fed continuously. Applied research and innovation are, therefore, key elements for the university to be able to provide a response to new challenges and needs and it must be possible to apply them within the institution itself.

It is considered, then, that the whole of the educational space of the UOC is a laboratory for experimentation and research. It offers the mechanisms to be able to conduct these experiments without interfering or compromising the standard operation of the university. It also offers infrastructure and support for projects funded externally or in collaboration outside the educational space of the university with the aim of facilitating the insertion and subsequent reuse of the results in the UOC itself.

The aim of the Experimentation Laboratory, therefore, is to stimulate and foster experimentation, guarantee its transferability to the university's in-house teams and stimulate change within the institution itself. For this reason, it provides the necessary infrastructure and instruments to be able to carry out measures and experiments under controlled and measurable conditions.

Designed based on the concept of computing and services in the cloud, the Laboratory is an open space for the University's lecturers, researchers and administrators to conduct research or pilot trials or carry out teaching innovation projects with real subjects and students, in a flexible but controlled context, while offering guarantees for the observation and gathering of data.