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The UOC's education model
The basis of the model

The UOC's education model has been the University's distinguishing trademark since its beginnings. It has been designed to provide an adequate response to the education needs of people undertaking lifelong learning, and to get the most out of the Internet's potential as a vehicle for educational activity.

The area responsible for the education model at the eLearn Center works to see it evolve, attempting to integrate the latest educational and technological trends, but without altering the essence. It sees to it that it is applied at every level of teaching at the UOC.

What does it do?


  • This area is responsible, together with the UOC professionals, for the evolution and application of the education model.
  • It involves implementation, iterative assessment and analysis of the results at all educational levels.
  • It defines the instruments, the environments and the methodologies that comprise it, with continuous improvement as the common objective.

Similarly, it is responsible for drafting a global training plan that is sufficiently adaptable to all the agents involved in the education process: administration, faculty, collaborating staff, etc.


How does it do it?

  • It feeds on the results of applied research and education innovation while incorporating the new features set by the latest educational and technological trends.
  • It works jointly with the courses, departments and operational areas of the UOC.
  • It meets the changes and evolutions of the virtual environment, the tools and the resources for teaching and learning.
  • In agreement, it respects the particularities of each group.