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The UOC's education model
Subject eDesign Support (SeDA)

Subject eDesign Support (SeDA) is an advisory service aimed primarily at teaching staff and which is organized into four central elements:

  • Subject/programme analysis
  • (Re)design of the programme or subjects
  • Sharing of experiences between teachers
  • Experimentation with new activities and/or tools

The aim is for this support service to be based on evidence while also gathering it, both to provide feedback on the programmes and subjects and to improve the service itself.

With this last aim, the eLearn Center offers UOC faculty the following activities through this service:

  • Organization of themed sessions, be it on methodologies, learning activity types, tools or resources.
  • Exploration of resources and tools.
  • Programme and subject analysis sessions and subsequent communication of proposed improvements, in both the short and the medium term.
  • X-ray of the course plan.
  • Collating students' experiences and needs on the programme to be able to update or innovate in subject design.
  • Analysis of subjects with particular characteristics, such as low performance, high drop-out rate, resources that generate little satisfaction, intensive use of tools, etc.

This service is offered in different modes: on-site – virtual, personalized – group.

To contact the Subject eDesign Support team, please mail: dissenya@uoc.edu.